Over 15+ years we have been helping companies reach their IT and financial goals empowered by Artificial Intelligence. AIMPERIUM is a values-driven technology agency.


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Maximize PV power output of your PV plant with trackers and bifacial modules, using our Diffuse Irradiance Short Term Forecast software AIMPERIUM-IRR.
Extend life-cycle of structure and the trackers by anticipating failures, using our short-term forecasting software AIMPERIUM-WIND based on Artificial Intelligence.
Maximize PV Farm Benefits
Maximizing PV power minimizes payback time. Applying the latest techniques in AI, our module provides improvements in any PV farm output between 2 and 8%.
Predictive Maintenance
Maximize the lifecycle of your facilities by anticipating incidents and save maintenance costs, with the latest AI - based technology. Managing this way reducing payback time.
Cloud and On Premise
Our modules can be configured on cloud, making a robust and scalable system, although it can also run on premise, or on a hybrid architecture. Customizable software architecture.
Download the datasheet of AIMPERIUM – PV FARMS